Cybersecurity in the UK

Phil Brooke, July 2022

1 Introduction

These notes accompany the short video lecture giving an overview of cybersecurity in the UK from the viewpoint of organisations (involved), careers, frameworks and standards. Watch the video for more remarks.

2 Context / caution

There are inevitably more organisations, courses, standards, etc. that we could include here. I am focussing on the ones that I see as particularly relevant or noteworthy in my day-to-day practice. In general, presence or absence on this list is not an endorsement or otherwise….

Declaration of interest: I am a member of two of the bodies mentioned below (BCS and CIISec). This project was funded by RAEng.

Links all last checked July 2022.

3 Organisations

3.1 Professional bodies

3.2 Governmental and regulatory

4 Standards, frameworks, other resources

4.1 Education

5 Infosec / cybersecurity aspects of careers